Register your interest below and we’ll inform you if applications open at your universityThe Gale Ambassador Library Support Program has been running since 2017. It was set up to help universities get the most out of the Gale resources they’re accessing.

It has the same aims as libraries, to: 

  • Increase awareness of the Gale resources already available to students.
  • Boost usage of these existing resources.
  • Deepen understanding of the resources amongst students (developing students' research skills).

We have now worked with over 80 ambassadors, and received positive feedback from participating students and universities alike.

Who benefits from the program?

  • The Gale Ambassador
    • Financial – it’s a paid role.
    • Career readiness – CV boost.
    • Study benefits – enriched research skills.


    Master’s applications “I really enjoyed writing my blogs and having them published! This has been really useful for my Master’s application and will be for future industry work in Film and Media, and a great way to practice my research skills.” -Dan, Durham UniversityBoosting Grades “My research skills improved …[as I] applied my knowledge in order to help other people … This was reflected in my marks, which really improved this year.” -Scheme Feedback SurveyEmployability “[my time as a Gale Ambassador] was so helpful in getting me various other roles and internships in Marketing” -Lily, University of BirminghamDiscovery “While writing the article, I was working with primary sources related to Blake …This gave me insight far beyond what I had previously fathomed…I cannot over-emphasise the significance that this article has had for me, and I am so grateful to Gale for providing this opportunity.” James, King’s College London, (KCL Blog)Internship Applications “Gale has been invaluable to me in my personal career journey. I discussed it at length in an interview for an internship with Vodaphone in which I was successful. From my work with Gale I was more competent in presenting myself” “[Also] you gain a lot more understanding about the shift to digital that will be valued by employers in a myriad of different industries” -James, King’s College LondonEnriching Studies “Working with Gale is a lot of fun and extremely insightful and useful for your other studies” -Rob, University College London

  • The Student Body
    • Peer-to-peer support for students less confident speaking to staff.
    • Ambassadors are well trained and can deliver high-quality sessions.
    • Students are best placed to understand the anxieties / challenges of other students.
    • Increased awareness of available resources, leading to improved learning outcomes.


    “I felt that training gave me a great insight into Gale's resources and was effectively taught - I felt as though I could easily relay the information to another student” -Program Survey Feedback“In discussing our upcoming assessments one of my peers expressed her concern about getting hold of primary sources … a peer recommended a source that would have cost a lot of money … I informed my classmate about Gale Primary Sources and recommended she watch my pre-recorded tutorial... She was delighted to hear the news!” -Ava, University of Aberdeen

  • The Library
    • Help realising a return on investment in archives.
    • Increased awareness, understanding and usage of resources amongst students and staff leading to improved learning outcomes.
    • Supporting library initiatives (e.g. sharing LGBTQ resources for LGBTQ History Month).
    • Training support.


    Tweet by the University of Birmingham library sharing a video produced by a Gale Ambassador for LGBT History Month   Tweet by Simon Bairns, University Librarian and Head of Library Services at the University of Aberdeen, showing excitement to be working with a Gale Ambassador.  Tweet by King’s College London library celebrating that a Gale Ambassador offered training to students on ECCO 

    Post on LinkedIn by Andrew Barker, Library Director at Lancaster University

  • The Faculty
    • Increased awareness amongst teaching staff of the archives available.
    • Helps teaching staff inform their students about the resources available – improving student outcomes.
    • Public recognition of the strength of your students (e.g. departments sharing published blog posts).


    “Please can you present at the start of my lecture, so all my students can hear!” -Program Feedback Video“The history department were really enthusiastic about what we were doing – they would do it themselves if they had the funds.” Program Feedback Survey  “Some staff were even interested in the resources for their own research” - Program Feedback SurveyTweet by UCL Institute of the Americas about an ambassador's blog post

What activities do Gale Ambassadors undertake?

The program activities can change slightly each year. The 2023-24 cohort of students will be undertaking:

  • Blogging: Writing a creative blog post using the Gale resources available.
  • Twitter/X: Composing creative and engaging tweets for @GaleAmbassadors, including image design, sometimes incorporating multimedia content such as GIFs and video.
  • External Promotion: Posting in online and offline locations that will be seen by students.
  • Live Events: Running diverse events (tabletop stands, short lecture presentations, student society events).
  • Product Research: Interviewing a student user to better understand their interaction and engagement with Gale Primary Sources.

There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to the activities – students can schedule everything around their existing activities and responsibilities. Students are also expected to be able to operate independently, managing their own time and activities, and thus Gale Ambassadors can feel empowered to drive and shape their own program.

    Check out @GaleAmbassadors to see some of the work of previous Gale Ambassadors!

Which students are eligible?

Where the program is running, students in all year groups studying an Arts, Humanities or Social Science subject are eligible for the role.

We have worked with students from undergraduate up to final year PhD students. All have had a lot to offer and, we’re told, have got a lot out of the program!

Whilst many ambassadors have studied History, others have studied English Literature, Politics, Sociology, Creative Writing, Marketing, Philosophy and more. 

Prior use of the archives is not essential. The most important thing is a passion for history, archives, and helping others to learn!

We do not run the Gale Ambassador Library Support Program at all universities. Check this page to see where we’re currently recruiting.

Why apply?

An International Team | Product Research

Design and Creativity | Advanced Research Skills

Business Experience | Public speaking

Marketing experience | Multimedia skills

Corporate use of Social Media | Networking

Writing and publication | Boost Your Grades


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Click to hear from Grace as she describes what the role involves, what she has enjoyed, and why you too might like to apply!


Don’t worry, students are not expected to complete the activities without any support!

All ambassadors attend online training sessions in September that fully prepare them for the role.

This is also a chance to network with creative and ambitious students from other universities and countries, and connect with international colleagues at Gale.

Where are we currently recruiting?

Click here to see where we’re currently recruiting, and how to apply.

If we're not currently recruiting at your university, you can register your interest in the program using the form on this page and we'll let you know if applications open.

If you’re a member of university staff interested in the program – please contact your library or your local Gale Representative.


Gale Ambassador at a stand 

Gale Ambassador at an outdoor stand


The Gale Ambassador Library Support Program does not run at every university. All universities signed up to Gale Accelerate are eligible for the Gale Ambassador Library Support Program.

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