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Equip Business Students, Researchers & Entrepreneurs

As the leading area of study in the United States, business degrees make up 19% of all bachelor’s degrees earned at postsecondary institutions for the past 11 years.

Since the 1950s, Gale has supported business researchers by offering robust and user-friendly business resources in partnership with academic libraries. Partner with us to bring students, researchers, and faculty a full suite of databases to support business learning across disciplines and real-world business applications.

With Gale Business resources, you can connect everyone on your campus to the tools they need to understand complex business topics, analyze global market trends, develop business plans, and more. Offer company information to help any student embark on their career in Gale Business: Insights, guide students to develop entrepreneurial skills like leadership and decision-making in Gale Business: Entrepreneurship, or connect aspiring small business owners to a step-by-step tool to launch a new business in Gale Business: Plan Builder. Explore Gale Business research databases that can help you support equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) initiatives on your campus and equip every learner for success in business.

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Offer Business Resources for Everyone

  • For Students
    • Find in-depth financial information over multi-year periods to analyze the current positions and future potential of companies across markets and industries.
    • Quickly find and cite business journals, business news, and other peer-reviewed academic sources that fit your university assignments or interests.
    • Browse industries and companies by country to figure out in which markets a business concept has the best chance to succeed.
    • Quickly find accurate, clear definitions for financial terms—without having to Google them.
    • Find expert opinion and business articles to inform SWOT analyses. 
    • Learn how to read financial sheets and analytics to determine how a business is performing.
    • Seamlessly share information and collaborate with peers and instructors.
    • Find all the business information you need for research and learning in one place.
    • Easily tweak visuals for use in Excel and PowerPoint.
  • For Educators
    • Assemble data from various credible sources to conduct analyses.
    • Find recent case studies to share with university students to support lecture topics.
    • Easily add articles from Gale Business databases to learning management systems (LMS).
    • Discover videos that help explain complex business concepts to students.
    • Use advanced search to find previously used business journal articles, market research reports, academic research, and other business sources you forgot to save.
    • Stay up-to-date on the latest information on relevant companies and get the latest business news and alerts sent by email.
  • For Librarians
    • Help students construct more advanced searches to change their approach to business research.
    • Make it easier for students to understand and explore NAICS codes.

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