Support English Language Arts Classrooms

Want to inspire lively class discussions, improve student performance, and create more magical moments in the classroom? Contextualize English language arts (ELA) in a way that helps students find more meaning in literature, develop a thorough understanding of literary concepts, and build essential skills—from reading and writing to media literacy and critical thinking.

With Gale In Context, you can find materials to increase student engagement in ELA and practice essential cross-curricular literacy skills. Take language arts deeper into class readings and vocabulary with in-depth literary context, engaging multimedia content, and diverse perspectives. Gale’s ELA curriculum is designed by educators for educators to include the features teachers want and the context students need.

Empower ELA Educators

Get help planning an inclusive ELA curriculum, finding expertly curated content, and engaging students in day-to-day instruction. With Gale In Context: For Educators, you can find continuously updated material that supports state and national K-12 standards paired with ready-to-use lesson plans and collaboration tools. Make it easier to achieve instructional goals and meet the needs of diverse learners to support literacy and language arts skills with For Educators.

Find instructional support within Gale In Context: For Educators to help teachers:

  • Engage students with a wide variety of language arts materials—all designed to promote digital literacy, critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills.
  • Differentiate instruction with customizable lesson plans that support the varying needs of all students, organized by grade, subject area, and more.
  • Improve outcomes with built-in assessments to check for understanding and leveled content to support every learner.
  • Collaborate with other educators to ensure continuity of learning within and across teams.

Provide Essential Tools

Teachers and students benefit when they have digital resources and content that work for their individual needs. School communities use the Gale In Context suite to increase:

  • Efficiency. Integrate Gale In Context seamlessly into existing planning and teaching workflows, including learning management systems like Canvas, Schoology, and Google Classroom. Add to that the power of Google Workspace for Education and Microsoft 365 tools, which enable users to easily share, save, and download content—including highlights and notes.
  • Accessibility. Search for content by Lexile range, translate content into more than 50 languages, and view text using the OpenDyslexic font or a variety of readability tools within the Gale In Context user interface.
  • Relevance. As standards and curricula change, your digital resources adapt to meet current and future goals. Content experts update Gale In Context ELA materials regularly to ensure the latest accurate information.  

Explore Gale ELA Curriculum Resources

  • Gale In Context: Literature

    Help readers develop personal connections to significant literary works from classic to contemporary authors and poets. Explore graphic novels, prose, and speeches from diverse, relevant writers, contextualized by a rich array of primary sources from the author’s world, podcasts, videos, and images. With Gale In Context: Literature, you can give students the context they need for enhanced comprehension, literary analysis, and skill development.

  • Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints

    Give students access to thousands of perspectives surrounding today's most debated political and social topics. Encourage them to develop a thorough understanding of real-world issues and draw their own well-informed conclusions to communicate about current events. Utilize cross-curricular content including reference articles, videos, and infographics to help with the development of critical language skills like reading, writing, and listening.

  • Gale In Context: Global Issues

    Help more students see themselves reflected in your curriculum by connecting them to global perspectives on current, trending issues from over 200 countries. Help students develop a global perspective as they learn about the most important issues of the modern world.

  • Gale In Context: Biography

    Learn about hundreds of thousands of the world's most influential people through continually updated contemporary and historic biographical entries. Search by name, nationality, ethnicity, and gender, to discover the authors, scientists, historical figures, world leaders, sports stars, and entertainers who have shaped our human story.

Explore Additional Gale ELA Resources