Do your readers long for the days when cowboys roamed the American frontier on horseback? If they could meet anyone, would it be Davy Crockett or Wyatt Earp? Maybe they’d like to walk among the Mohicans for a day. Or hear the perspective of a precolonial woman on the challenges of juggling crop raising with child rearing.

For more than 20 years, Five Star Publishing has been sparking the imaginations of epic American historical fiction lovers with tales of the Wild West. More than a world of lawmen, outlaws, and other offbeat characters, they’re alluring stories told by some of the most engaging voices in American historical fiction. These books are defined by a range of subgenres and protagonists capturing the spirit of freedom and individualism in the evolving western frontier through the early 1900s with great historical accuracy.


    At Five Star Publishing, the great western novel did not end with Louis L‘Amour. There are plenty of new stories left to tell by authors who continue to thrill and delight with vivid narratives of the people, places, and experiences that give voice to the American frontier. These attention-grabbing historical fiction novels are quickly becoming fan favorites while inspiring a new generation of readers. Not only do they honor traditional western storylines, but these books also reflect popular genre trends, like the crime novel themes of the wildly popular Longmire series by Craig Johnson, and allow readers to apply a historical lens to crime in the frontier.


    Five Star stories represent the best of historical fiction books of the American frontier, portrayed by a range of genres and protagonists that our readers really enjoy. There’s something for everyone, from mysteries to romance, adventure, and fiction focused on Indigenous peoples and the Civil War. History buffs will appreciate carefully researched books that are action packed and filled with an endless variety of characters offering perspectives on life from the ranches, small frontier towns, saloons, railways, and isolated military forts that dotted the American frontier.


    Five Star Publishing is an award-winning publisher and the home of the epic American historical fiction novel. Since 1995, Five Star has published books written by some of the best new voices and beloved writers of traditional western and American frontier fiction. Among them, you’ll find many must-read Booklist favorites and award-winning authors our readers have come to know and love.

    Delve into our rich library of western books and you’ll discover award-winning titles and authors, like Stranded by Matthew P. Mayo, The Poacher’s Daughter by Michael Zimmer, and New York Times bestselling writers Loren D. Estleman, W. Michael Gear, Howard Weinstein, and others.


    With so much of America left to explore, you can ensure the historical fiction titles keep coming with one of our standing order plans, delivering your choice of 24 hardcover historical fiction or western novels annually at a 25% discount. Books in these standing order plans arrive shelf ready, with complimentary library processing and free shipping. You can start or stop a standing order at any time; there’s no contract, and lots of value, as Five Star novels consistently earn positive reviews from our readers.


    Select Five Star titles are available in large print. See all available softcovers and hardcovers from Thorndike Press.

    You may think of large print as a format for seniors or the visually impaired, but it is truly an equitable format for any reader. Those who typically fall asleep while reading may find that the increased white space and font size help keep their attention. Learn more reader benefits >


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