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Dive into the topic of higher education, also known as post-secondary education or tertiary education. Referring to education that occurs after high school, this category includes community colleges, universities, seminaries, conservatories, and vocational schools. While some institutions provide general liberal arts education, other schools are more specialized in the degree programs they offer. Students can attain a variety of college degrees and certificates. The amount of time needed to obtain a degree depends on the type of degree being sought as well as the student’s learning pace. Commonly, degrees are obtained through a two-year or four-year college program. Many colleges and universities offer online learning in addition to traditional classroom education. 

Institutions are also categorized according to whether they are for-profit or nonprofit. Unlike for-profit schools, nonprofit schools are not owned by an individual or group of shareholders, and any profits must be reinvested back into or held by the school. In the twenty-first century, some have accused for-profit schools of sacrificing their students’ best interests in order to increase profits.

While post-secondary education is valued for its demonstrated increase in earning potential and employment options, some point to the increasing cost of tuition as a serious hindrance to students from low-income and middle-class families. An institution’s ability to provide scholarships and financial aid is critical to reducing student-loan debt and making college more affordable. Most institutions offer online classes—some known as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are free and open to all—to promote distance learning for students not on campus.


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Higher Education Resources

Gale offers a product portfolio of digital products including databases and eBooks to support the study of higher education.


Gale databases offer students and faculty credible, up-to-date content from scholarly journals, higher educations magazines, and newspapers. Gale databases support the study of higher education by including full text and abstract higher education articles from many higher education publications and university press publications, including titles from Oxford University Press, University of California Press, Cambridge University Press, and more. 


Gale eBooks

Gale offers a variety of  higher education eBooks. Users can add Gale eBooks to a customized collection and cross-search to pinpoint relevant content. Workflow tools help users easily share, save, and download content. 


  • Advocacy in Academia and the Role of Teacher Preparation Programs, 1st Edition

    Advocacy in Academia and the Role of Teacher Preparation Programs, 1st Edition

    Information Science Reference  |  2018  |  ISBN: 9781522529071

    Due to changes in funding and legislation, education as a career has become unstable. It is imperative to establish a culture that values education in order to encourage pursuing and preserving the profession of teaching. This text is an essential reference resource for scholarly research on the need for support for students and faculty. It examines policy, student engagement, professorial activism, and integrated allied services. Featuring extensive coverage on a broad range of topics, such as student success, specialty programs, and service learning, this publication is designed for academicians, researchers, and practitioners seeking current research on issues of advocacy in education.

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  • Issues That Concern You: The College Admissions Process, 1st Edition

    Issues That Concern You: The College Admissions Process, 1st Edition

    Greenhaven Publishing  |  2018  |  ISBN: 9781534502154

    From applications, personal essays and campus visits, to those dreaded SATs and ACTs, the process of applying to a college is almost as complicated as higher education itself. In this anthology, readers will get an in-depth look at the admission process, including viewpoints about the fairness and relevance of standardized test scores, the importance of volunteer and extracurricular activities, and how to market oneself as an ideal candidate for admission. Readers will learn valuable information to consider when making one of life's most important decisions—choosing a college.

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  • Enhancing Education Through Open Degree Programs and Prior Learning Assessment, 1st Edition

    Enhancing Education Through Open Degree Programs and Prior Learning Assessment, 1st Edition

    Information Science Reference  |  2018  |  ISBN: 9781522552567

    The rising cost of tuition, increasing competition, and mounting student loan debt has caused educational leaders to rethink degree programs and resources for learners. As such, open educational resources, prior learning assessments, open degree plans, and competency-based learning have gained popularity in the field of higher education. This title is a critical scholarly resource that examines teaching and learning materials that students may freely use and reuse without charge. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as open educational resources, prior learning assessment, and competency-based learning, this book is geared toward educators, professionals, school administrators, researchers, academicians, librarians, and students seeking current research on equity and access to higher education for all learners across the globe.

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