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Liberal democracies of North America, Europe, and Australia throughout the twentieth century have experienced a variety of forms of extremism and radicalism that have shaped mainstream political thinking as well as cultural norms. To comprehend modern governmental and societal systems researchers must understand the environment that created them, their origins, and their adversaries. In the series Political Extremism and Radicalism, Gale provides insight on unorthodox (by contemporary standards), fringe groups from both the right and left of the political spectrum through rare, hard to access primary sources. Content supports scholars and students answering questions on philosophical, social, political, and economic ideologies as well as on contemporary issues surrounding gender, sexuality, race, religion, civil rights, universal suffrage, and much more.

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Political Extremism and Radicalism: Far-Right and Left Political Groups in the U.S., Europe, and Australia in the Twentieth Century

One of the first digital archives on Far-Right and Far-Left political groups, exploring the development, actions, and ideologies behind extremism and radicalism in the twentieth century. Material has been sourced from various locations, including The Searchlight Archive, UK Home Office and Security Service files on right-wing extremists, suspected communists and terrorists; and the American Radicalism Collection from Michigan State University.

Political Extremism and Radicalism: Far-Right Groups in America

Political Extremism and Radicalism: Far-Right Groups in America centers around groups considered to be on the right of the political spectrum, with a particular focus on white supremacist and nationalist groups in the United States.

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Political Extremism and Radicalism: Global Communist and Socialist Movements

Political Extremism and Radicalism: Global Communist and Socialist Movements focuses on left-wing thinking so that researchers can explore political ideologies such as Marxism-Leninism, Maoism, Trotskyism, and anarchism across different countries, as well as the world’s response to the Russian Revolution, the rise of the Soviet Union, and the Red Scare. Source libraries include the University of California, Davis; Senate House Library, University of London; Yale University; Harvard Law School Library; New York University; the British Library; Federal Bureau of Investigation; and Independent Labour Publications from the Independent Labour Party in the UK.

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