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Science and Technology

Analyze the field of science and technology, which is the study of the physical and natural world through observation and experimentation (science) as well as the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes (technology).

Though distinct disciplines in their own right, science and technology are so integrated that they are frequently considered to be a single discipline. For example, botany is the science of the study of plants; the knowledge gained from botanical research can then be applied to agriculture through technology to increase crop yields or develop pest-resistant strains of produce. Technology is equally vital to science, as scientists rely on new and better technology to conduct increasingly sophisticated experiments; for example, nanotechnology allows researchers to observe and manipulate gases, liquids, and solids at the nanoscale, or one-billionth of a meter.

The symbiotic relationship between science and technology is ubiquitous. The space program, for instance, must combine astronomy, physics, and mathematics with engineering, computing, and information science in order to launch its rockets. Meteorologists combine information gathered by satellites with their knowledge of the earth sciences in order to predict the weather. Forensics experts use their knowledge of chemistry and genetics in combination with highly specialized lab equipment to solve crimes.

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  • Animals: From Mythology to Zoology, 1st Edition

    Animals: From Mythology to Zoology, 1st Edition

    Facts on File | 2010 | ISBN-13: 9781438127453

    Animals begins its story in ancient Greece at a time when thinkers were trying to construct a coherent image of the universe. They needed to make sense of the world around them, and the earliest theories explaining the origins of animals were drawn from the experiences of hunters. Greek philosophers eventually came to realize that careful observation of the animal kingdom is the only basis for a true understanding of the natural world. With this realization in mind, they laid the foundation of what would become a scientific approach to phenomena. Animals provides brief glimpses of some of the events that have led to the present scientific understanding of animals, as well as short accounts of the lives of a few of the remarkable individuals who have contributed to that story. Describing a few of the changing ideas that have shaped the way people see the world of animals, this new, full-color book examines some of the research that has revealed their physiology and explained their evolution and behavior. It explores the discovery of the gene, the physical structure of DNA, and how the genetic constitution of species came to be used to determine their relationships. Animals contains a glossary defining technical terms as well as a list of books and websites for further information.

  • Coding Your Passion: Using Computer Science in High-Tech Security Careers, 1st Edition

    Coding Your Passion: Using Computer Science in High-Tech Security Careers, 1st Edition

    Rosen Young Adult | 2020 | ISBN-13: 9781508187141

    Organizations in every industry from health care to finance rely on cybersecurity professionals to protect one of their most valuable assets—information. For those interested in both high-tech security and computer science, there are many roles and career opportunities, from designing network security systems to conducting penetration testing to identifying security weaknesses. This book examines several of those careers, highlighting different jobs, educational requirements, and job-search tips. By reading profiles of real jobs, readers will be inspired by the success stories of people who blend a passion for computer science with an interest in high-tech security.

  • Battleground: Science and Technology, 1st Edition

    Battleground: Science and Technology, 1st Edition

    Greenwood Publishing Group | 2009 | ISBN-13: 9781567207439

    The modern world is filled with debate and controversy, and science and technology—the most characteristic features of the modern world—are not immune. Science and technology are implicated in many if not all of the issues, troubles, and problems students are likely to come across in their classes and everyday lives. Science and technology serve as a primary pathway to understanding front page headlines on everything from war to AIDS and from oil exploration to global warming. Battleground: Science and Technology examines the most hot-button issues involving science and technology and provides a balanced assessment of the arguments on all sides of the often-strident debates. The approximately 100 issues examined in Battleground: Science and Technology include information on the brain sciences, such as the controversies over the cause of autism and the reliability of memory, as well as the debates over parapsychology; debates surrounding information technology, such as only privacy, the impact of video games on social behavior, and the advent of virtual reality; the complexity over drugs and medications, such as the testing of the efficacy of medications, the war on recreational drugs, and the costs of pharmaceutical research; and hot-button issues that are constantly in the news, such as evolution and creationism, DNA testing, stem-cell research, and genetically modified organisms. Each entry provides a list of accessible resources useful for further research.

  • Strategic Planning Decisions in the High Tech Industry, 1st Edition

    Strategic Planning Decisions in the High Tech Industry, 1st Edition

    Springer | 2013 | ISBN-13: 9781447148876

    The scale and complexity of research and practices of open innovation mandate a correspondingly sophisticated form of decision-making. Strategic Planning Decisions brings together a number of tools that ease the decision process in technology companies, providing both conceptual frameworks and practical applications. Innovative approaches are presented, such as an ontology-based model where all the relevant aspects of a potential technology are interrelated to provide a comprehensive and logically connected data pool for decision-makers. Divided into two sections, Strategic Planning Decisions describes both strategic approaches using the decision tools and tactical approaches. Some of these tools are expanded while some others are embedded in a model that will lay the ground for practical application. These include bibliometric analysis, ontology, road mapping, lead user, six sigma, and multiactor and multiobjective decision-making methods. Recent research and relevant theory are balanced with up-to-date practical applications and hands-on techniques, making Strategic Planning Decisions ideal for engineers who wish to keep up to date with current ideas in the field of technology management. It also provides workable methods for practicing managers from all levels who wish to apply a more rigorous approach in their work and consultants concerned with technology assessment and its management.

  • Tech Girls: Careers for Tech Girls in Digital Publishing, 1st Edition

    Tech Girls: Careers for Tech Girls in Digital Publishing, 1st Edition

    Rosen Young Adult | 2019 | ISBN-13: 9781508180166

    Take a look behind the scenes of several exciting and rewarding careers in the world of digital publishing. In this guide, creative girls will find solid information about how to pursue the career of their dreams. They’ll explore options for creating new-wave content, designing publishing platforms for the media of the future, and leading organizations through digital media publication and management. It’s no secret that some of the highest-paying and innovative jobs involve connecting ideas with technology. This accessible guide provides practical tips for girls at every stage of the career-preparation journey.

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