Strengthening communities through essential content

Learners come from all walks of life, including students, faculty, parents, mechanics, businesspeople, skill builders, and much more. Despite their differences, they all share one thing in common—the ability to access free, quality content available through their statewide database program. Information can be accessed through a variety of environments, from virtual classroom and distance learning settings to solitary study in public or private institutional library settings. Statewide programs can lean on Gale to provide digital resources that are easy to find, digest, and understand, appealing to a wide range of learning styles. Digital resources from Gale bring more continuity to learners throughout their educational journey, and beyond.

  • Seamlessly work between databases. All of this functionality helps statewide programs to make the most of their investments with an extensive collection of collaborative learning resources.
  • Benefit from content curation best practices. Through new language, new topics, rewrites to strike bias, and more, statewide programs can find even better, more inclusive learning solutions for student instruction that help them stay well-informed and develop good critical thinking skills.
  • Promote accessibility to all learners. The ability to translate documents helps English language learners read, understand, and utilize content in their native language that would otherwise be inaccessible. With adjustable font size—including the dyslexic font and text to speech capabilities— statewide programs can discover a variety of digital learning solutions designed to meet the needs of all communities in a flexible learning environment.


Delivering exceptional support to our customers

At Gale, customer service is top priority. Statewide programs can expect a high level of collaboration and customer support in technology, training, and marketing. As a complement to these services, there’s a variety of on-demand e-Resources on the Gale support site to explore, including helpful product information, training materials, marketing materials, technical documents, and more, covering a complete list of learning solutions.

  • Working with state customers to build program awareness. Gale marketing works with statewide programs to help spread the word about access to Gale’s digital resources. Customizable marketing materials are also available for member libraries on
  • Maximize investment in learning. Customers can access tools to manage, use, and promote Gale resources. Direct URLs and MARC records simplify access, customized Gale Pages improve resource discovery, and promotional materials make it easy to reach new learners.


A dedicated Customer Success Manager provides a single point of contact to help librarians discover support materials, develop web pages, use data analysis and institutional reporting, and deliver presentations. Gale Training Consultants provide customers with on-demand training materials, resource guides, tip sheets, video tutorials, upcoming and recorded webinars, training decks, projects, scavenger hunts and more. Customer Success Manager, Gale Training Consultants and the Gale Technical Support team are available to administrators by phone or email.

See if you have access.

You may already have access to Gale digital resources through your statewide database program or digital public library. If you’re not sure, you can check from our Statewide Resources page.

Meet the needs of patrons and students

Gale digital resources deliver engaging, community-critical content to libraries, including databases in key areas:


Online Learning and Upskilling

Patrons can continuously grow their skill sets through a curriculum designed to set them up for success. These free electronic resources play an important role in shaping informed and skilled citizens.

Our e-Resources include:

Business Resources

Offering Gale digital resources to your small business community can have a positive effect on your local economy. Access to free legal e-Resources, templates, information, and online planning tools can incentivize entrepreneurs and business owners to expand and grow.

Our e-Resources include:

Multidisciplinary Research

Discover a wealth of current, authoritative, media-rich information, plus curriculum-aligned materials to support community education and distance learning. This rich collection of interdisciplinary content reinforces critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, and more.

Our e-Resources include:


Add more value to an educator’s classroom curriculum with on-demand Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) educational resources. They make e-learning fun for everyone with access to high-quality information and tools that complement classroom instruction in STEAM-related subjects.

Our e-Resources include: